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Rivas Restaurant invites you to savor the true essence of Iranian cuisine, indulge in delightful flavors, and embark on a journey through Persian Culture, all within a warm and inviting ambiance.

Since its inception in 2015 at Barsha Mall in Dubai, Rivas Restaurant has been a prominent player in the culinary scene. Originally known for its catering and food delivery services, Rivas embarked on a new journey at the end of 2021 by establishing a stunning dining venue in The Mall on Jumeirah Road, strategically located opposite the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel. The restaurant can accommodate up to 170 guests, providing a delightful atmosphere for an unforgettable dining experience.

In a quest to offer authentic flavors and homely cuisine reminiscent of one's mother's cooking, Rivas Restaurant made the decision to focus exclusively on Iranian dishes and home-style cooking. Their menu showcases a delectable array of traditional Iranian cuisine, allowing visitors from various nationalities to delve into Persian flavors and explore the rich tapestry of Persian food and culture. To further enhance the dining experience, Rivas offers daily Iranian specials in addition to their regular menu, ensuring a diverse and exciting culinary journey for every guest.

Rivas Restaurant takes great pride in its commitment to using only the freshest ingredients and high-quality meats. Their dedication to serving food free from preservatives and frozen ingredients guarantees an exceptional and unparalleled taste. Adding to the authenticity, Rivas boasts its own Iranian oven, producing mouthwatering Iranian bread that is served piping hot to accompany every meal.

To cater to a wider audience, Rivas expanded its offerings within The Mall, opening a sandwich and pizzeria branch. This unique addition presents Persian-style sandwiches and tantalizing pizzas, showcasing the fusion of Iranian and international flavors. Furthermore, Rivas has plans to introduce breakfast and brunch options to cater to early-morning visitors seeking a delightful start to their day.

Beyond its restaurant services, Rivas Restaurant excels in catering and event setups, ranging from weddings to business meetings and seminars. With expertise in live barbecue cooking, Rivas has successfully executed many event caterings. Whether it's an authentic Persian feast or a selection of international dishes, Rivas ensures an unforgettable culinary experience tailored to the needs of each event.